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Sasha has no intention of being this man’s next submissive, but somehow she can’t help herself when it comes to sex.
“Why do you wear such ugly clothes?” Derrick asked before taking another big bite of pizza.
Sasha frowned, looking down at her usual attire for around the house. Shrugging, she replied, “They’re comfortable. It’s not like I have to please anyone. I do live alone.”
“You did. For the next few days, you have to please me, and it would please me to have you naked, or near naked, when we’re here.”
Her eyes widened in shock and arousal. “I can’t just sit around naked!”
“Why not?”
“Well,” she floundered, wondering what to say.
Derrick chuckled at her dilemma. “See, there’s no reason why not. You don’t have a bra or panties on. Is that because you like the feel of the soft cloth against your pussy and your nipples or because it makes it easier to touch yourself whenever the urge strikes?” At her vivid flush, Derrick knew he had hit it right on the button.
Sasha wasn’t so sure she liked the way he could peg her so easily especially after only knowing her a few hours. Of course, in those few hours, she had jacked him off, masturbated in front of him, and allowed him to spank her naked ass. The fact was that was exactly why she wore such loose clothing with nothing underneath. She loved touching herself, bringing herself to orgasm. Or maybe it was just that she loved to come and getting herself off was her only respite. Until now.
Sasha refused to answer him, swallowing her last bite of pizza down a throat suddenly gone dry.
“I’ll take it by your silence that I’m right. When you become my sub, though, I’ll expect an answer when I ask you something.”
“I’m not becoming your sub, I told you that.” Just the thought of allowing him complete control over her terrified her. She was too ignorant about such matters to be able to fit into that part of his world. Reading about submitting and actually doing it were two different things, even if she did have to admit that the reality of being spanked was far better than she could have imagined.
“Well, certainly not anytime soon. Right now, we’ll settle for some tutoring.” Rising from the table, he took her hand and led her into the living room. Stopping in front of the sofa, his hands went to the hem of her shirt, and he slowly lifted it over her head, his eyes never leaving hers.
“Don’t you want to go into the bedroom?” Sasha asked, resisting the urge to cover her breasts.
“Eventually,” he replied as he skimmed her loose shorts down her long, lean legs. “Right now, I want you to sit on the couch, brace your feet on the table here, legs spread as wide as you can. I want to watch you masturbate for me again.”
Sasha sat down, excited about doing as he asked. She recalled the way he had watched her earlier, his eyes glued to her pussy as she came, and remembered how much it had turned her on to have an audience.
Derrick moved across from her, sitting in a wide, stuffed chair. He had an excellent view
of her pussy as she spread her legs. “Scoot down more towards the edge. I can see more that way.”
Sasha thought her heart would explode it was beating so rapidly. She was slouched now, having moved to the edge as he directed, her legs splayed wide. The cool air on her heated flesh felt arousing, as did the look in his grey eyes as they stared at her spread folds.
Derrick smiled to himself. She hadn’t touched herself yet. She didn’t even realize she was waiting for his instructions to proceed. “Use your thumbs first to spread your lips for me. I want to see all that pretty, wet pink flesh.”
Sasha averted her eyes, too embarrassed to look at him as she did as instructed. Holding herself open, she waited for further instructions.
“Look at me,” he commanded after a few seconds. When she raised timid, blue eyes to his, he damn near came in his jeans. She couldn’t hide the fact that she was totally aroused even though she was unsure of herself. Her cunt was so wet that her cream was seeping out. “Finger yourself with one hand while you play with your nipples with the other. Go slow; I don’t want you to come too soon. Watch me while you **** yourself.”
Sasha was afraid she would come the minute she touched her clit; she was so turned on. Her eyes on his, she slowly inserted two fingers between her damp folds, feeling her walls contract around them, her wetness coating them. Her other hand went to her breast, cupping it; her finger and thumb pulling on the nipple tautly. The combined stimulation had her quickly panting; her skin lightly coated with a sheen of sweat as she continued to pleasure herself.
When Derrick opened his jeans and released his huge, hard cock into his hand, she damn near exploded right then. She couldn’t believe how much it excited her watching him fondle his cock; his large hand moving slowly up and down the length before moving lower and cupping his balls. Her fingers moved faster, and her breathing grew heavier at the erotic sight.
“Slow down, Sasha,” Derrick said. “Do you enjoy watching me touch myself?”
Sasha nodded her head. “Yes.”
“I enjoy watching you also.” His hand moved back up his length, covering the seeping head and then moved back down as she thrust her fingers knuckle deep, over and over; her thumb rubbing her clit back and forth, and her fingers pulling her nipples.
When she threw her head back, her hips arching into her marauding hand, he knew she had come hard and fast. He watched her jerk against her hand, drank in her cries of release, and ejaculated to the sight of those wet fingers bringing herself pleasure. It was obvious she wasn’t a novice to masturbation and enjoyed pleasuring herself. Her nipples were red and
pointed from pinching them so hard. He wondered if she knew the significance of that. He doubted it, but he did. She enjoyed that little bite of pain. It added to her pleasure as nothing else could. He was really going to enjoy broadening her horizons.
Rising, he adjusted his jeans, slipped off his shirt, and laid it on the chair. Sasha watched him warily as he approached her; her hand still moving lightly over her pussy. He watched her fingers run over her spread folds, rubbing her wetness along the outside of her pussy. “You like touching yourself.”
“Yes.” She saw no reason to deny what was obvious.
Sitting down next to her, Derrick lifted her onto his lap sideways. “My turn to play a while.” Picking up the remote, he turned on the television and flipped through the stations until he came upon an action movie he had already seen but liked well enough to watch again. Derrick sat with her in his lap, his arm around her waist. After about ten minutes, she started shifting and wiggling impatiently, and he smiled to himself.
Sasha was frustrated. Here she was, completely naked with a man for the first time in three years, and he wanted to watch television. She wondered what he was waiting for; and, finally, she didn’t care. His jean clad thigh was hard beneath her bare ass, his shoulder was hard beneath her head, and his waist was hard beneath her arm. She wanted to feel all that hardness against her, over her, and under her, and she wanted that large, hard cock filling her emptiness.
“Derrick,” she finally moaned, feeling his cock now poking her buttocks through his jeans.
Derrick reached up and pinched her nipple, hard. “Hush,” he admonished her. “I’m trying to watch this.”
That pinch on her nipple was enough to get her going again, building her need for another orgasm. Spreading her legs, she decided to take matters into her own hands, again, since he was intent on ignoring her. His deep voice stopped her as she was reaching between her legs.
“No, Sasha, not this time.” Grabbing her hands, he pulled them behind her back and quickly had her over his knees; one hand holding her wrists pinned together, and the other smacking her buttocks. “I didn’t tell you to touch yourself. I think you did that just so you could get your ass spanked again,” he said as he brought his hand down hard and fast, ignoring her pleas and whimpering.
Sasha realized two things simultaneously. He had goaded her until she ended up in her current position, and she loved the feel of his hard hand smacking her tender globes, loved the fiery pain that left her breathless with the need to come. Jerking her hips against his hard thigh, she cried out as she came, surprised at how quickly it burst upon her and how
intense her orgasm was. The spasms went on and on, as did his punishing hand; and, by the time she was reduced to small tremors, she lay docilely over his lap, completely sated.
Derrick lifted her upright, releasing her wrists. His hand grabbed her behind her head and pulled her face down to his. His breathing was harsh as his lips claimed hers in a hard kiss; his tongue invading her mouth and ruthlessly exploring every corner.
His mustache tickled, was all Sasha could think as he kissed her. She groaned, leaning into him as he continued to eat at her mouth, as she kissed him back with all the need and longing she was feeling. When his hand cupped her breast, his thumb rubbing the nipple, she arched into him as she grabbed his other hand and moved it between her spread thighs.

Derrick heaved a heavy sigh, pulling his lips back a fraction. “You didn’t learn anything, did you?” he asked ruefully, his eyes amused. “Or is it that I didn’t spank you long enough, hard enough?”
“I just want you to touch me. I want you to **** me.” She knew her voice revealed her desperation and that he heard it plainly. She felt stupid, inexperienced, and so damn needy she thought she’d scream.
Derrick inserted one finger into her pussy, surprised at how tight she was. “How long has it been since you’ve had a man’s cock here?”
Shit, Sasha was afraid he was going to ask that. Hoping her answer didn’t put him off, she said, “Three years.”
“Damn, woman, no wonder you took me up on my offer so quickly. Why haven’t you had sex in three years? Or is it just men you haven’t had for that long? You prefer women?”
“What! Of course not.” Sasha couldn’t believe he’d suggested such a thing.
“Relax. It’s not as if it would turn me off. I watch my subs with other women.”
“I’m not your sub, and I’m not a lesbian,” she said darkly, wondering what he found so amusing. She hoped it wasn’t her naiveté.
“Mmmm, yes, well there’s always a first time for everything. But, right now, I’d say it’s way past time you got ****ed. By a man.”
Lifting her in his arms, he strode purposely down the hall to her bedroom where he dumped her unceremoniously on the bed. “Stay there. I’ll be right back.”
With a promise like that, Sasha wasn’t about to go anywhere. Scooting up on the bed, she waited for him to return. She heard him in the bathroom and then making the rounds in her house, presumably locking up. Apparently, he didn’t plan on any interruptions, which
suited her just fine.
Derrick returned to her room and was in the process of shucking his jeans when her bookshelf caught his attention. Naked, he strolled over to it. Books of erotica filled the three short shelves, from suspense to paranormal to straight BDSM. Turning towards her, he smiled at her look of consternation.
Sasha watched him warily as he moved towards her, his hard cock in his hand, and a look of amusement on his face. She yelped when he grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed; his hands sliding up her legs to grasp her behind her knees.
As he knelt down and lifted her legs over his shoulders, his eyes remained on hers. “It’s past time you started to live out some of those fantasies, don’t you think?”
Sasha could only nod her head in silent agreement as he lowered his mouth to her pussy; his tongue swept through her moist slit like he was lapping up cream. Leaning on her elbows, she unashamedly watched him as he licked her again, and again; his grey eyes were on hers as he proceeded to give her more pleasure than she had ever known.
Derrick’s thumbs went to her folds and spread them wide; his eyes lowering to her glistening pink flesh; his senses filling with the smell of her arousal. By the look of wonder and excitement in her pale blue eyes, he wondered if this was her first experience in oral sex. The thought excited him as he buried his tongue in her pussy and licked her sweet cream, his lips sucking, and his teeth nibbling her sensitive flesh.
Sasha gasped, threw her head back and jerked her hips against his mouth. She had never imagined how wonderful a mouth could feel on her pussy, a tongue licking her, lips eating at her, the painful heat of his teeth on her clit.
“Oh, God!” she cried out when he sucked on her clit; his mustache tickled her exposed walls as he continued to make a meal of her cunt.
Derrick moved his hands down to grip her buttocks as she thrust against his face; her uninhibited response made his cock ache to be buried inside the warm, wet channel he was sucking. As he felt her orgasm ripple and tasted the gush of her come on his tongue, he rose above her, shoved her spread knees to her chest, and rammed into her pulsing sheath.
Her orgasm gripped his cock as he shoved in and out of her tight cunt; her juices coated his hard member. “Watch,” he commanded her, leaning back, his hands holding her knees back and spread wide.
Sasha looked down to where he surged in and out of her grasping cunt, breathing heavily from the strength of her orgasm, the sight of his wet cock as he pulled in and out of her spread lips thrilling her. He took her hard, rough and fast, and she loved every aching
thrust. She collapsed as another orgasm erupted; her hands going to her breasts as her hips slammed against his. This wasn’t lovemaking or even sex, it was ****ing, and she loved every second of it.
Derrick felt her second orgasm, loved the sight of her hands squeezing her breasts, and the way her hips met his over and over as he ****ed her. He probably should have gone easier on her, been a little more gentle due to her inexperience, but his nature was to take, to dominate, and remain in control. A control he wasn’t sure he could maintain with this woman. He came in a heated rush; his come spewing deep inside her womb. He was thankful he had decided to give in to his curiosity and finally made this trip to meet Sasha face to face.