🈯|M/F|My life as a concubine || 177字

I don’t really remember who my real parents are. All I know is I was from a small village in rural China. I am one of the many children in a very poor family and my parents sold me off to some foreigners in China when I was only four. The people who bought me had plans for my future. They trained me how to sing, dance, write poems, paint, and every possible way to please men… I am not the only girl here in this training facility, there is about twenty of us total. The training process is very cruel and painful. It is not unusal for us to get spanked here. In this place, you can always hear a girl crying…

I consider myself lucky. I am becautiful. Beautiful fine skin with the color of cream, have a pair of sparkling large eyes can do the talking for me,silky smooth hair perfectly straight, beautiful neckline, small waist line, perfectly stright legs, round hips, etc. Because of my exceptional beauty, I gained myself some special treatments. I never got whipped and I was able to keep my virginity until the day I was gave away as a gift. Other than the occassional spanking from the training process, I am treated very well. I know these people are waiting for a special buyer. I am worth alot of money. The day has finally came, together with another girl I was sold off to a Chinese high ranking officer. He then gave us away as a gift to general Wang.

I am so excited, it is a great honor. The Wang family is very established and powerful in our times. Generations after generations of great generals. Each of them extremely intelligent and brave. All of them won many wars for China. I was told, I am going to be the eighth concubine as I am younger than the other girl. I don’t really mind that. There is no difference between seven and eight. I am marrying to the most eligible bachelor Genergal Wang. I heard so many stories about him already. It’s all about how brave and intelligent he is, how he protects our country, how he fight off the intrudors. I admire him.

Finally the door opened, he came in…

It’s obvious it is only a story, right? General… concubines… give me a break. OF course it is only a fictional story.

He is much younger than I expected. Only in his late twenties or early thirties. Tall, lean, muscular. His facial features are very well defined, abit of serious look. He is a hansome man. My face turned red. This is my husband, my master for the rest of my life I told myself. I stood up and kneel right next to the bed.

“General.” I whispered.

He acknowledged me with a nod and then sad down on the bed. I quicked moved forward to remove his shoes and socks. I also gave him a warm towel to fresh up. Then, I quietly kneel beside him and gentally massage his feet and legs. He stared at me for good ten minutes. He look pleased. Pleased with my beauty and with my obedience. His hard facial features softened a bit.

In a low and deep voice he ordered me, “Take off your cloth. All of them.” Surprised by his directness, my face turned deep red.

“General…” I whipsered.

“Take all your cloth off” he repeated. This time in a much deeper voice. His facial features hardened again.

Afraid to upset him, I quickly moved my hands to undress myself. As a virgin, it is never easy to undress yourself in front of a strange man, even if he is your husband. Felt like a century has past, and I am finally completedly naked. I am sure my face is probably the reddest it can be, even my body turned pink.

“Over my knees.” He ordered again. I mouth dropped. I was shocked.

“Quickly.” He raised his voice slightly.

Now I know he is not going to do what I think he is going to do, but he is going to give me a spank. I know how these things go if I resist it. Without hesitation, I quickly positioned myself over his knees in a spanking position. Never been in this position naked with a man, I feel so shamed.

“Spread your legs.” Once again, shocked from what I heard. Shamed, shy, and don’t know what to do, I didn’t spread my legs.

“Crack, Crack” He spanked two strokes with his firm hands.

“Spread YOUR legs.” Overwhelmed by the pain and heat from my butt, I quickly obeyed and spread my legs this time. A stream of tear came from my cheeks as I do so.

“Crack,Crack, Crack” The spanking went on for at least twenty or thirty strokes. He is a soldier. Each stroke is strong and firm, without mercy. And I don’t even know why I am being punished. But I only weeped, didn’t scream, nor struggle. I know better than that. I cannot upset him. He is my everything.

“Smack,Smack, wonder why you are being spanked? Smack, smack…”

“Yes, owh… yes, general. owh. owh…”

“Thinking I am not being fair?”
“No, oohh, No general. owh… owh… I would never dare… owh… OOHH”
“Good, Crack, Crack”

“Crack, Crack, Crack, Crack, Crack. I am only setting the rule here in this household. Crack, Crack, Crack, you understand?”
“Yes, oohh, general… I understand.”

“Crack, Crack, I don’t care where you are from and who you are before, Crack, Crack, but from now on, Crack, you are my concubine. Crack, You follow my rules, Crack. Crack”

“Yes, general, I will be good, oohhh… woowoooo, I will be awh, awhhh… I will be a good… awhhh awh… concubine.”

“Royal, Crack”
“Yes, general.”
“Obedient, Crack.”
“Yes, general.”

“Quiet, crack.”

“Yes, yes general.”

“Never interfere with my work, Crack, Crack.”
“Yes, never, general.”

“Always obedient to your in-laws, Crack”
“Yes, always, general.”

“Obedient to my wife. Crack, Crack.”

“Never fight with other concubines. Crack”

“Never general…wooowoooo, never.”

“Never be jealous of other concubines.”

“Never… wooowoooo wooo I would never be… generaaaaaaall…”

The spanking has finally stopped. I kneeled in front of the general. My hands touched my butt for the first time. They are swolen. Very swollen.

“You are very good. You didn’t scream, didn’t struggle, didn’t even ask questions. Otherwise, your spanking would be much more harsh.”
“No, general, I would never dare.”
“Good, good girl. Today, is your first day here, I am only setting the rules for you. Your punishments here would not be this light. Never cross a line here, you understand?”
“Yes, general. I totally understand. Never ever I would be disobedient.”
"Good, see that wooden stick over there?

“Yes, general”

“This is the rule of this household for you. Do you read?”

“Yes, general.” I noded. His eyebrow raised and looked a bit surprised. Afterall, not many woman read in this society.

"Good then. That booklet right next to that wooden stick is the rules of this family. You need to memorize that. Tomorrow, at 7am you need to arrive at parent’s living room for a lecture. "I obdiently noded as he goes down the list.

"If you ever voilate any of the rules in the booklet or misbehave in front of father and mother, I will personally give you a good spanking with that wooden stick in front all the wife and concubines. "

“Never, general. I will be very good.” I answered with a shavering voice.

“Starting from the day after tomorrow, everyday at 6:30am, you and all other concubines will kneel outside my wife’s room wait for her lecture. Then together, you will all go to parent’s living room at 7am.”

“My wife and all the concubine before you all have the power to spank you as well. But if they ever spank you for the wrong reason like jealousy, let me know. I would not tolerant things like this in my household.” Now I know ranking matters, only if I knew earlier…I probably still would not have any other options. :stuck_out_tongue:

“That’s it for today, you can stand up now.”

I thanked him for the lecture and for the spank before I stood up. With the corner of my eyes, I saw his lips are dry. Quickly I pour some tea and kneeled in front of him again and holding the teacup way above my head. “General, tea.” He seem very pleased and noded as he drank my tea. From the burning sensation on my butt, I assume his arm must be sore from all the spanking. I gentally massaged his shoulder, arms, and then hands. As I massage his hands, I cannot help myself from examing them. Those are not soft hands, they are rather rough. He has long fingers and his palm is almost twice as large as mine. I realize those are the hands just gave me a firm spanking and will punish me in the future if I ever disobey him. Those are also the hands protecting this country and fighting off enemies. Those are the hands holding the future of my happiness. The next thing I realize is I kissed them, his hands. Shocked my own action, I looked up to his face. He is observing me and apparently also shocked by my action. I see desire in his face. He quickly stood up, swept me off my feet, and lay me down on the bed.

“General, my butt…”

“Hahahahh” He cracked up. I never knew he can laugh too. He certainly doesn’t look like the type who smiles, always so serious. But he looks soooooo good when he laughs. I cannot help myself from staring at him.

“Good, it suppose to hurt. This way you remember it better and … also remember me better.” He speaks as he enters me.


He took my body over and over again last night. Even thinking about it makes my face turn red. My boilogical clock woke me up at 5am, my whole body is sore. My butt still hurts! And he said this is supposely be a light spanking? I wonder how a hard spanking means to him? It came to surprise that the General is also awake at 5am.

“I guess I didn’t make you tired enough last night, waking up so early.” He said it flirtiously. I cannot believe he just joked with me, and my face just turn rosy again. For some reason, I think he enjoys watching my face turning red.

“I am just use to waking up at 5am everyday no matter of what.General is so early as well?” I answered him.

“I practice KungFu everyday at 5:30 rain or shine.”

I noded as I quickly got dressed and then helped with his cloth. As I dress him, my hand feels his muscular body. Every inch of it is so hard feels like iron to me. I think he noticed my little movements but is not objecting to it. I helped him wash and everything. At last, I kneel in front of him and put on his socks and shoes. He looked very pleased with my services. His large firm hand forced my head to lay on this knees and petted me like I am his pet.

It’s still dark outside. Everyone is still asleep. I quietly watched him practice his KungFu in the backyard. Doesn’t matter how many concubine he has, but at this moment he is mine and mine only. Every break he takes, I always hand him a cup of warm tea just the right temperature to drink and warm towel. I can tell he likes my attentiveness.

At 6:45am I kneel in the living room of his parents’ living room. He didn’t join me as he had to head over to his 7am daily training for his army. Because of my lecture with the parents this morning, his wife and other concubines’ daily visitation for his parents this morning is waived. It is just me.

The lecture from his parents wasn’t long. I guess they are tired of the same meeting with all his concubines. After all I am like the eighth one and probably many more to come. His father and him look very much a like alike just much older. Very serious looking old man. No facial expression what so ever and didn’t talk very much as well. His mother did all the talking. The lecture is pretty standard, have to be obedient, treat my husband well, take good care of him, obey the family rules, no jealousy between the concubines, and no fighting with concubines, and no too much sex with my husband as it would drain him… uh… She probably doesn’t know her son too well. She doesn’t know how strong he is. I was thinking what if she found out how many times her and I did it last night… would I get a spanking? Not exactly my fault too… Oh well, she will never find out…

From the tone of his mother, it seems like all his concubines are gifts to him from high ranking officers and majority of those concubines are from very good family including few from families with substantial power. His wife is hand picked by his mother. She supposedly has all the quality to be a good wife. I guess I will see very soon. Also sounds like not all his concubines have mellow personality and are easy to deal with. But all of them learned how to behave in this household very quickly with few good spanking from the general. The general definitely knows how to put his woman in her place.

“You will soon learn all the rules in this household and how to behave. Zheng (then general’s name) will teach you.”

“Yes, mother.” I answer obediently but was thinking… yeah teach me by couple hard spanking probably. No wonder the meeting with you can be sure, you are confident he will put me into place.

I kneel quietly in the center of the room in front of his wife and a room full of other women. A room full of beauties is the impression I got. This guy indeed has a collection of women, a collection of beautiful women. Surprisingly his wife is the most ordinary looking woman in the room. But she is elegant, calm, peaceful, and confident. Of course she is confident, she is his wife, one and the only. Suddenly, I envy her. She is so ordinary and yet she is so special to him. “What are you thinking? Forgot about the General’s spanking yesterday? Control yourself. Everyone is examining you. If anyone found out, you will be in deep trouble.” I warned myself in the head.

Yes, everyone is examining me. Everyone is looking at me differently, some with jealousy, some with anger, some with hatred, and some with arrogance. His wife is the only one looking at me without any of those feelings. She is so peaceful and calm, her eyes are so soft, even with a little bit… friendliness? No wonder mother says she has all the quality to be a good wife. She is not jealous of all his concubines at all! All the sudden I pity her. Brain washed by thousands of years of Chinese teaching, she is a woman doesn’t have a self.

“You are ling.” She spoke to me in a soft voice.

“Yes, madam. I am Ling.” Try make myself as innocent and obedient looking as I can, I lowered my head as low as possible and spoke in a very slow and soft voice.

“We are now a family, you can call me sister.”

“I would never dare, madam. I will always be at madam and general’s service.”

“You are a good girl, but don’t be silly. We are all a family. Everyone calls me the eldest sister.”


“Good, now we are all sisters. Together we will service the General.”

“Yes, Sister. I will try my best. Sister, please always teach me.”

“Of course, we all will.”

“General is very busy. He has a lot of responsibilities at work. We should not trouble him at all with any of the family business. Make him comfortable at home and not have to worry about us is the least we can do to serve him and our country.”

“Yes, sister. I will always follow your lecture.” Touched by her words, I full hearted answered.

“I see you are a good girl.”

“I heard from officer Lee (the officer who bought me) and sister Fan (the girl he bought together), you are very talented. You know instruments, paint very well, and write beautiful poems.”

“Only the basics, sister.” Alert by her questions, I don’t want to be the center of attack from all the women.

“A lot of your sisters here can play instruments. But very few read, and only the most basic including myself, not to mention write.”

“I only read the most basic as well, sister” Try to be as low key as possible.

“Women is best not to read too much. The more you read, the more you desire.”

“Thank you sister for the lecture, I will always remember that.”

“General spanked you last night.” She simply stated.

Embarrassed by her statement, I didn’t know how to answer.

“Not to worry, all the sisters here except for me all got spanked by the general for numerous of times. First night spanking is general’s rule.”

He doesn’t spank his wife, only concubines. I understand now. I noticed during the entire time, only me and his wife talked. No one spoke a word and most of the women in this room certainly don’t look like the quiet type. The rules in this household are indeed very strict and well enforced.

His wife then introduced me to every single of his other concubines.

“Sister Liang, as the second eldest sister, why don’t you introduce the rule for today to our young sister.”

“Yes sister,” his first concubine answered then turned around and told me arrogantly “It is also general’s rule to have all sisters spank the new concubine in the first meeting. Now bent over on that table over there and take off your pants. Sister will spank you five times with that wooden stick over there and everyone else twice. ”

Angered from what I just heard but at the same time I knew I had no choice. I didn’t show any of my anger on my face; instead I quickly moved over to the table and positioned myself as I was told. Some of them must be pleased to see the spanking mark on my butt.

His wife’s five strokes were the hardest but still nothing compare to the General’s spanking last night. To my surprise, his concubines didn’t spank me very hard. With all the hatred and anger I see in their eyes, I would expect they would fully utilize this opportunity. But I guessed wrong. Everyone only gently spanked me twice. It is more symbolic.

Quickly I gained general’s favor. He always stay at his wife’s room once a week and the rest of week either by himself or with a concubine. Usually a different concubine each time to be fair for everyone. But since our first night, he spends at least two nights a week in my room. At first it was my beauty, my obedience, and my playful personality that attracted him. Very quickly, he noticed my talent in different fields. First was my painting skills, as my room is full of my own paintings. Then he learned my musical talent as I usually play a instrument as he practices KungFu in the morning. Doesn’t matter if he stays with me the night before or not, I always accompany him in the early morning with his daily practices while everyone still asleep. One day he found out I write poems as he flip through a book I left on the desk and found pieces of poems I wrote for my love for him. That night, we made love again and again for the whole night. Soon, we learned that we not only shared passion for poems but also shared interest for history books. We sometimes have long night discussion about historical events until dawn. He sometimes asks my perspective of current events as well. Soon that two nights turned into three night a week. I know he wants to spend more nights at my place but he kept it at three. It’s the best he can offer me. He has obligations and responsibilities. I understand. For the days he doesn’t spend the night in my room, he sometimes stops by and listen to me play the instrument for a little bit.

He sometimes spanks me before we make love. But more like a playful spank, nothing like the first night. I know he likes to spank me. He told me he like the curve of my body and like the vibration my butt give to him as his hand spanks it. He also like the red mark has hand leaves on my hips. Anything pleases him is what I like. Soon, I start to like the feeling of be spanked. Sometimes I playfully invite him to spank me at night. He usually laughs at me and told me I am the most shameless girl he never met. But I don’t really care, as long as I please him. Who cares about shame. I know he likes it when I do that.


Tonight night, general’s six concubine is getting spanked. Almost the entire household can hear her scream. Okay, I exaggerated a bit. I can hear it because my room is only down the hall from hers. But still, it was pretty loud. I know general would not like that, it would only means harsher punishment for her. Sixth concubine is from a very good family and a little bit spoiled. She is too free minded and free willed in my opinion. The reason for spanking is very simple. She didn’t return home as scheduled. As the household rule, a concubine cannot leave house unaccompanied. And she must report to parents or the eldest “sister” before leaving home. Exact time of return MUST be reported before leaving. Yesterday, she went back to her parent’s home. And she said she would come back before 6pm for dinner but didn’t return until 8pm way past dinner time. She assumed since she was at “home” it was okay to come back a little later. She was wrong. The general summon her to his office right after she came home. I also happened to be there helping him finding one reference book as I am the only woman who really reads.
“Go to your room and undress yourself. Kneel there and wait for me. I will remind you the rules of this household tonight. I am saving you the face by not spanking in front of everyone tonight. Don’t think of yourself still as the precious daughter at home. You are now adult. In my household you follow my rules.” He said coldly.
Tear ran down her cheeks, “I am sorry General. My mother insisted I stay for dinner. General, I promise it would never happen again.” Can’t believe what I just heard from the proud Sister Yun. She always thinks very highly of herself never bothered to talk to someone from lowly class like myself.
“GO!” Annoyed and upset, general raised his voice.
She quickly turned around and ran to her room. Before she turned around, she gave me a hateful look. And I am sure general saw that too. What a stupid girl. I feel sorry for her now.
General continued with work as if nothing happened. Don’t want to upset him in any way, I was more careful the entire night. As soon as I found the reference book, I quickly turned back to my room.
Almost at ten o’clock, the spanking finally started and it last for a looooooong time. Knowing I probably should not listen, but I am really curious how he is with other women when he spanks them, I listened. Then listening inside my room is not enough, I walked out to the hall way to give myself a better picture. I figure, the general might very likely spend the night in her room as he usually does after a spanking. And I can always come back to my room to hide away in the hall way if he ever comes out.
“Bent over there on the bed.”
“ I am sorry, general. I am really sorry.”


“Please general, pleeeeease.”
“Pang” A sound of something hitting the bed came out. I am sure the general probably forced her on the bed now. Then it is the sound of a wood stick hitting the butt
“Piah, Piah, Piah, Piah…….”
“ General, I am sorry, sorry……”
“Please stop, please…”
“ I will remember now…”
“ I truly remembered this time…”
“Please…. Please……”
She kept on begging, kept on screaming and crying. The speed of the wood stick never slowed down only went faster. What a stupid woman. Can’t she tell what she is doing only upset the general even more? The general didn’t speak a word, just kept on spanking her. The spanking lasted a very very looong time.
When it finally stopped, “Tomorrow you when you go to Madam’s room, kneel there recite the family rules three times. Everyone must listen. When you are done, ask Madam to spank you with a wooden stick twenty strokes. You understand?”
“General, please….”
“Piah, Piah, Piah, Piah, Piah” Another five strokes.
“You understand?”
“Yes, yes general.” She is indeed not very smart. That five strokes can totally be saved.


I think no one even reads it, I guess I just amuse myself then. Too bad I don’t type chinese

“Now do you know why you are being spanked?”
“Yes, general. It was for breaking the family rule, coming back late, general.” Her voice is very weak, she is weeping too hard.
“Yes, but that’s not the only reason. It’s also for not being friendly to your sister. You think I didn’t see how you looked at Ling? You think I didn’t see? You and her all are the same. All are concubines. Know your places in this household. I would not want that see action like this in my household ever again. You understand?”
“Yes, general. Yes. I will treat all my sisters like real sisters.”

Do I know my place in this household, I asked myself. Yes, I and she are all the same. So what the general stays with me more often, I am still only his concubines, a toy, a pet, a tool to generate offspring…. Lost in my own thoughts, I didn’t even realize the general is coming out until the door is opened.

Eager to cover up my action, I started walking as if I was passing by. I even put up an uneasy smile as if I didn’t know what happened inside that door. Very quickly, I realize how foolish that was to cover up something so obvious. Then I turned around facing the general and kneel straight down.

“Did I entertain you?”
“No general, I would never dare.”
“Nothing scares you. Follow me.”
It feels like a pot of cold water pouring from head to toe. Knowing there is absolute no way out of it, I followed him to my room.

I closed the door behind me and kneeled right in front of him.

“You want to explain?”
Totally not able to figure out how angry he is at the moment, I figure it is probably best not to lie. I already got caught spying on him, lying is not something I want to add it to the list. As I remembered clearing, one rule in that booklet is never lie to him.
“I was listening outside.”
“You were not just passing by?” a bit surprised by my directness, he asked me.
“No, I was not, general.”
“Hum,” he grinned, “You were spying on me then.”
“I was curious.”
“Curious? You are too eager to find out the taste of that wooden stick!”
“I was curious how general spanks other sisters.”
Without a word he looked at me for a long time.
“You are the only person in this household have the guts to spy on me. I should teach you a lesson today.”
“The household rules didn’t state that concubine cannot spy on you.”
He looks amused by my answer. “You are a good rule follower then. Yes, it didn’t state that you cannot spy on me. But I get to decide whom and when to spank with or without a reason.” Suddenly his tone changed to firm, “Strip off your cloth and get on the bed NOW.”

I jumped up and take off my cloth as fast as I can and kneel on the bed in a doggie style position with my butt stick out. I know I am shaking.

“Good thing you didn’t lie to me. Otherwise, you will regret you even have a butt.”
Instead of using the wooden stick, he picked up the leather belt on my bed. He sometimes uses that in our foreplay to spank me. But the force he uses is nothing like foreplay, each stroke leaves a mark.

“I am sorry, general. I am sorry.” I kept on begging for forgiveness.
“Crack, Crack, Crack, Crack….” He didn’t speak a word just kept on spanking me.
“I am sorry, awh… I was just curious oh… how you spank other awh… sisters. I am sorry. Ah… It would never happen again. Ah… General, I am sorry, sorry”
“Crack, Crack, Crack……”
“I was wondering if it would be like the spanking you always give me….” Yes, I am trying to seduce him. Other than the spanking from my first night, all the spanking I received is from foreplay.

He paused a little and then started spanking me again but even harder.
“Crack, crack, crack……”
“wooo wooo, awh, awh… wuuuwu……oh… woowoo…”
It finally stopped. Too painful to move I stayed in the position and weeping.

“Was it like the spanking I always give you then?” He bent over and whispered in my ears.
“General….” My face turned red.
In the same position I was being spanked, he entered me from behind. Fear from the spanking makes me want to please him even more than ever before.

Exhausted from the “workout”, I lay in his arms. He is petting my hair again. I know he likes the feel of my hair. Once he told me my hair is like satin, so silky and smooth.
“You know why I spanked you today?”
“For spying on general.”
“Hum.” He smiled, “Actually no. I knew you were outside all along.”
“Uh?” I looked up at him, his eyes are closed. “Oh…” I then realized he plays KungFu, of course he has exceptional hearings.
“When I first found out you were standing outside, I was upset. Almost want to pull you in and spank two of you together. But then I figured, if you want to watch, just let you watch. Maybe you can learn something from it too.”
“Then when I talk to you, I was no longer angry. You are very smart. You know not to lie to me. If you lied, you will get a real punishment verse what you had.”
“Oh….” I was thinking what I had, was really really bad, okay?
Probably read my mind, he laughed, “You have not yet get a real spanking, okay? What you had is nothing.”
“Oh…” I tuck my head under his arm.

He kissed me on the forehead, “I spanked you for the same reason as what makes me decided to let you listen in. I want you to learn, learn how to be a concubine.”

Yun, maybe I should call her the sixth sister, kneels in the center of general’s wife’s room. Reciting the family rules. Sitting in front of her is general’s wife, elegant and peaceful as always. The rest of us are all standing there watching. It’s not only a punishment for Yun, but also a lesson for all of us. Crossing a line, we shall all be punished like her.

The recitation went on for almost an hour. When she is finally done it is the spanking time. She bent over on the punishment table, pulled her skirts up and panty down. I gasped. I know what general mean by I have not yet been punished yet. From her waist to knee, there is no once piece of skin is not bruised, all dark purple. Even between her legs, there is spanking marks. Not have the heart to look anymore, I turned my head, and tear came down from my cheek. Not only me, most of us wept for her.

“General, he… ai….” His wife signed, “sister, you should have learned by now not to violate any household rules. How many of spankings like this would make you learn, you…. Ai….”

This is not the first time she gets spanked like this? I feel so bad for her… and also fear for my future.

She will not spank her, right? Who would have the heart to? But she did, I am not sure if it’s because she would do exactly what general told her to do, or for any other reason, she still spanked her.

Each stroke followed by a loud scream.
Almost want to speak out to beg for forgiveness. Then I remembered general’s words last night, I need to learn how to be a concubine. I think what he meant is learn what to speak, what not to speak, what to do, what not to do. No one else begged, not even Yun herself. Because everyone knows, she is only following General’s instruction. No one can change that decision except for general himself.

Everyone can tell the general is in a bad mood these couple days. We all try to keep our head as low as possible. We all try to keep our mouth shut. If we had to talk, we spoke softly. For the short time I spend with him, I sensed he is not a man with bad tempers. Yes, he is not. I know it is funny to say the general is not bad tempered since he spanks me and his other concubines frequently. But he is really not. Every time, he spanks us is for a reason. It’s either to teach us a lesson, for a punishment, set as an example, or … you know foreplay. But he is always in control of his emotions. He never uses his fist, never kicks, never throw things. He never yells and rarely raises his voice. In fact, sometimes, when he punishes us, I don’t even think he is angry. He is simply enforcing the family law, his law. Or he is merely keeping us in control. Some other times, it is for his…. pleasure. But these couple days, not only I, everyone in the household can tell he is in a bad mood. The general has a very stressful job I assume. In charge of army must be very stressful not to mention the situation in the central government. The emperor is getting old; he doesn’t always make the best decisions anymore. He listens too much to his young imperial concubine. As the prince’s best friend since childhood and also the person in charge of the nation’s military power, general is under a lot of pressure. Him and prince is constantly try to fight for a better future for the nation, try to help the emperor make the right decisions. I have no idea what exactly happened, but I know for past couple days, the general spends a lot of time at work. When he is home, he locks himself in the office and work until dawn. We are worrying about him. But no one except for his wife has the privilege to step into his office without his permission or invite.

About an hour and half ago, his wife, Madam, stepped into his office try to get him to eat dinner, but accidentally spilled soup all over his official documents. General is angry, very angry. This is the first time I see him being so angry. Of course, he would not spank his wife, but he told Madam to kneel in the garden right outside of his office as the punishment. And as concubines, we were all called to the garden and kneel together with Madam.

What did we ever do wrong? An hour has past already, my knees are already numb. How much longer do we have to kneel here? Everyone is staring at general’s door and hope it will open soon. The Madam is still peaceful and elegant looking, but I can tell she is shaking and there are tears in her eyes. Probably embarrassed by the punishment in front of all of his concubines, probably her feelings were hurt. After all, she is only worried about the general’s health.

“Not one day of peace, just one day.” I guess the news finally traveled to the main household, the general’s mother came here.

“Ming, my daughter in –law, my good daughter in law, what are you doing. Up, up.” With shaking hands, mother helped Madam to get up.

“Mother.” General’s door finally opened.
“You, you…. You….” Mother pointed at general with a shaking finger and then turned around to Madam, “Are you okay, do your knees hurt?”

Madam shakes her head, “I am okay mother. All the sisters have been kneeling for a long time for my mistake.”

“Indeed.” I was thinking.

“No, they deserve it. Let them all kneel,” said mother angrily and then turned around to the general. “Such a good wife, and you do not appreciate her, do not take care of her. All you care about is those slutty concubines of yours. Are they the same? NO! Look at her.” She points at the second concubine. “Her.” She points at the third concubine. “And her, Her.” She points us one by one. “Which of them is comparable to your wife? Which of them is as good? Which of them care about you like Ming? Which? Which?”
Madam starts crying. I guess deep down in her heart, she does care about all the concubines the general has. Which woman would not?

“Mother, it was entirely my fault.” Maybe he start to feel guilty, maybe he is only trying to calm his mother down, the general answered.

“Today, you make your wife loses face. Tomorrow, are you going to start beat her as well?” said mother angrily.

“No, mother. I know the difference. She is my wife. “

“I am not so sure if you do! Those slutty concubines of yours, every one of them wishes Ming dead everyday. You only listen to them now. Who cares about Mind and I?”

“Mother, of course not.”
I know general’s mother is also the first wife, she must feel deeply for the first wife, but still…. There has to be boundaries. As I look around, I do not know why, many of the concubines are already shaking. Must be from anger, I assumed.

“You really should teach your concubines some lessons. They don’t even know their boundaries anymore!”
I was shocked by what I heard. What did I ever do?

“Yes, mother. I certainly will do tonight.”

“Good.” Happy to what she heard, mother continued, “mother is getting old, all I want to see is a peaceful family. You and Ming should not fight.”

“Yes mother.” The general answered and then told us, “everyone to my room.” Now I know why everyone was shaking. Probably already knew this was coming.


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我已经不记得我的亲生父母是谁,只知道我来自一个很窮的村莊。小時候家裡有很多兄弟姐妹, 在我四歲的時候我的父母就把

I have never been to general’s room before. He always comes to mine. This is the first time. The general occasionally spends the night alone in this room when he doesn’t want to get bothered. Most of the time, he either spends the night at Madam’s room or stays in one of his concubine’s rooms. It’s a very organized room. There is a desk right by the south side window with some official documents on it, a book shelf full of military books right next to the desk, a small table in the center of the room with a set of teapot in the center, and an oversized bed. With all seven women in the room, it seems a little crowded. The general came in the last alone with Madam. General first took the wooden stick sitting on the desk by the window and then sat down on one of the stool by the table in the center. He set the wooden stick on the table. Madam immediately poured a cup of tea for him. “Take off all your pants and bent over on the bed” He ordered, and sounded a little bit tired. Everyone right away start bent over on the bed and pull off their pants. Knowing general, I know better not to challenge his orders, I right away starting following his instructions. The seventh concubine, sister Wen, on the other hand is still hesitating. By the time, everyone is already naked and bent over on the bed, she is still fully clothed and standing. General looked up and saw her still fully clothed and asked, “You didn’t hear me? “General…” her face is completely red. “I said undress yourself.” “General.” She kneeled straight down. General pulled her up by one arm, forced her to bent over on the table, lifted her skirts, pulled her pants off, “Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, ….” Ten strokes without stop on her bare bottom. Each stroke leaves a dark red mark. “Now, take off your cloth, all of them.” Wen’s shaking hands slowly moved to undress herself as she weeps. “Bent over on that table. Crack, Crack.” “Ah, Ah, general, please.” “Spread your legs, crack, crack.” “Owh, Owh, Ah, general, ah, owh…” “Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia, “general gave Wen at least twelve or thirteen stroke nonstop. Wen’s butt got swollen very quickly. Seeing Wen getting spanked like this, makes everyone of us shivering. Wen and I are from the same slave seller, but we don’t know each other too well. She is only been in the place for only four month before she is sold off together with me. All I know is she was from a very good family. However, her father got into trouble with some BANNED officials and was imprisoned. She and her sisters were all sold off to different slave sellers. She has a very innocent look. She is more on the slender side, but has a very cute doll like face. Everyone use to say every man would have the urge to protect her. She is three month older than me. I do not know her too well, but it is not difficult to tell she is well protected and kind of naïve. The spanking went on and on until every inch of her butt is covered with spanking marks. Some of her skin is already purple. It finally stopped. The general use the stick to point at the ground right in front of him to ask Wen kneel right there. “Tell everyone why you get spanked today.” “For not obeying general.” She whispered. “Louder.” “For not obeying general’s order.” “What order?” “For not obeying general’s order to take off my pants.” She broke into tears. “What did I tell you on your first night?” “Never ever disobey the general.” “Good you still remembered. But I guess not remembered well enough. This spanking will help you remember it better. Now, bent over.” “Yes, general.” No long dare to disobey him, Wen bent over very quickly. “Everyone turn around and look at her. She is your example. Never forget the rules in this household.” “Yes, general.” Everyone got off the bed kneel towards general and Wen and answered. “Bent over on the bed again. Wen, you kneel over there by the corner and watch.” General finally decided to give Wen a break. Poor Wen, she probably never been punished like this in her life. Her innocent eyes are now full of tear, face completely red, and behind dark red or purple. The spanking finished much quicker than I expected. General just gave everyone ten strokes. But each of the stroke left a spanking mark lasted three four days. Consider none of us really did anything wrong, it is a pretty harsh punishment. But it is kind of interesting to see everyone’s reaction when getting spanked. The proud second concubine is after all not so proud when she too is getting spanked. She screams and cries like everyone else. She normally helps Madam to take care of household issues. Other than Madam, she acts like she is superior to everyone else in front of all other sisters. In contrast to the second concubine, the third concubine has a very mild personality. She is at peace with everyone. In fact, she rarely talks to anyone. Even when being spanked, she makes the least noise. Fourth concubine likes to gossip. Surprisingly, she is not too loud when being spanked. Fifth concubine is a friend to every sister. She is always smiling. Today is the first time I see her without a smile on her face. Her pearl like teeth is biting her lower lip the entire time. She is the only one didn’t make any noise. Sixth concubine, as excepted is the loudest of all. She is a spoiled little girl. After the spanking is over, general had dinner with Madam with all the concubines standing by the table to serve them. After the dinner, general locked himself back to the office until next day morning.

That night, I didn’t sleep at all. I cried the whole night. I don’t even know why, this is not the first time I get spanked. It is not even the first time I get spanked along with someone else in front of others. When I was young and back in the institute, it happens all the time. I don’t understand why it is different this time, why hurts my feelings. Maybe it was because it was General who spanked me this time? Maybe it was because I was getting spanked along with all his other concubines and just like his other concubines? More than ever, I am jealous of Madam. She is the one who upset the general. At the end, she was just sitting there watching all of us getting punished for her fault. And she gets to enjoy dinner time with the general. But it is not the general’s fault. He did not want to punish me. It was mother. Mother asked him to do so. It was not the general. Next morning, I look at my swollen eye in the mirror and thinking, should I still join general with his morning practice? My eyes are swollen. Would he think I am ugly? No, even with swollen eye I look pretty. I know that. Back in the institute, people always tell me every guy would like to hold me in his arms and take me to bed. I have black heavy silky smooth hair, beautiful smooth skin with milky cream color, perfectly shaped eyebrow, and cute little nose. What general loves the best on my face are my eyes. He always told me my eyes can talk. When I am happy, they spark. When I laugh, they smile with me. When I am sad, even without tears, they look like pool of disturbed water. When I look at him, they are full of love, tenderness, and passion. He always says he has never seen a pair of eyes so expressive like mine. Now, they are swollen, makes me look more pitiful. General looked at me for a good twenty seconds when he first see me and then went on with his daily practice. Like always, I quietly watched him practice, hand him a warm towel or a glass of water whenever needed.

“You cried.” Didn’t know how to answer that, I continue doing what I was doing, wiping sweat off his face and neck. “Did you sleep well?” “General didn’t sleep either.” “I was working.” “General should always take care of himself. Mother and Madam are all worried.” I hesitated a little and went on, “I was too.” General’s facial expressions got soften. He lifted my face up with one of his hand and gave me a light kiss on the lip, my face turned red right away. “Are you mad?” He asked as he looked straight into my eyes. His face is soooo close to mine. “Ling would never dare.” Not able to answer him eye to eye, I looked away down to my toe and whispered General smiled and said, “M…? Little liar, then why are your eyes all swollen?” Don’t have an answer for that, I just bit on my lips. “Why do you still come?” I wrap my arms around him and my face against his chest, “because Ling misses general.” “Ai….” General signed and then also puts his arms around me, “what do I do with you, my little devil. You still have a lot to learn. Learn about the rules of this family, way of life here, and how to be a concubine.” “Ling will learn. Ling will be obedient. Ling will be a good, always at General and Madam’s service. Never ever be disobedient to general.” Eager to please him, I look straight to his eyes and made a lot promises, promises I do not even believe would come out of my mouth. But general certainly looks pleased with my promises. He smiled and hold me even tighter, “I know you will. I know. “ “When you go back to your room, put some makeup on. Mother would not be happy to see your swollen eyes.” General warned me. I smiled at him and nodded as I quickly ran to my room and get ready for my daily visitation to Madam and mother.

What happened between me and the general this morning totally lifted my mood. Everything happened the night before totally doesn’t matter anymore. Even the lecture from mother seems more bearable. Mother and Madam were sitting side by side with all of us concubines standing there by their sides. Mother talked softly to Madam, “Ming, my daughter in law, you are Zheng’s wife, his one and only wife. You cannot let them step all over you. What are we wives for? To run the household! Concubines are different. They are only good for pleasing men on bed. They are only here to help you serve Zheng, to bear children for you and Zheng. You have to keep them in their places.” “Yes, mother. I know, mother.” Madam kept nodding as mother continues with her lecture. Status of concubines is low in this society. But in a family like this, it is especially low. Mother’s lecture shines some light to what general meant by I need to learn how to be a concubine. Is this what general want from me? A toy on the bed for him, a tool to generate children for him and his wife? A person he can beat when he and his wife having any argument or when he is angry and upset at work? Is that what he wants from me, as his concubine? I am not sure. I think I mean more to him any that. At night, general stayed with Madam. I am not sure if it is out of love, out of respect, or he is simply doing it for mother. But general did go straight to Madam’s room after returning home and didn’t come out until the next day morning. General seems much stressed with work recently. He is always with the prince discussing something. Sometimes he comes home very late at night, some days he does not even come home at all. For past two weeks, he only slept in my room for once. I miss him dearly. I miss his muscular body, his kiss, his scent, his firm hand, and yes his spanking as well. As I wipe sweats off his face during his break from his morning practice, I realize that I cannot keep my hands off him. My hand go from his face, to his neck, and then to his chest and kept on circling. General grab my hand and stopped my little movement on his chest and teased me, “What are you doing, my little devil?” I tipped toed and whispered in his ear, “I miss you general. Ling misses you. Your little devil misses you. Your little devil wants you inside her.” His eyes narrowed. He stared at me for five seconds like I am out of space. Then, he swept me off my feet put me on his shoulder with my butt facing up and walked straight into his study. “You asked for it.” He said. He striped off all my cloth and lay me down on his desk. As he kisses me his hands are all over my body. “Oh…” I moaned, “General, I want you, general. I am ready. Oh, general.” He slipped his hand between my legs and smiled, “Indeed you are ready. Tell me again you want me.” “I want you, I want you general. I want you inside me.” Now without hesitation or mercy he entered me, all the way in. “Oh general, Oh my general. Oh, it feels so good. Please, please, oh…Oh, Ooh” Maybe it was because I miss him so dearly, maybe it was because it was in his study the supposedly forbidden place, maybe because general is excited than usual, or maybe it was because it is just good, it was the best climax I ever had. It was so good I cannot even move my body after climax. “Did I satisfied you, my little devil, or should I call you my little slut from now on?” General teased me. Shamed from what I did, my face turned red. “You do realize you are going to be late for Madam, right?” “What? Late? Oh no.” didn’t realize how fast time has past, I jumped up right away.

Of course I was late, very late. As a matter of fact, I didn’t go to madam’s place at all. I barely made it in time to the daily visitation to mother. As we returned to Madam’s room, I know I am in trouble. Without a word, I quietly kneel in front of Madam in the center of the room. Madam did not talk. She simply sits there and slowly drinks her tea. She didn’t even look at me. Don’t know what exactly going to happen to me, I start shaking. Majority of the concubines are quite happy to see that I have violated one of the household rules, especially the second concubine. She did not even try to hide her emotion at all. “So….” Madam is still drinking her tea and still not look at me, “You want to explain?” I do not think bringing up general is a good idea. General would never interfere with his wife’s decision of punishing a concubine. He is just not that type of man. Being with him is no excuse, like he said, I asked for it. Therefore, rather than explaining, I simply answered, “Madam, your lowly servant violated your household rule today. I was late. Please punish me. I beg for your forgiveness.” “Sister Ling, I do not want to punish you too. But household rule is household rule. Without enforcing the rules, there would be no order in this household. If I let you go this time without punishment, I have to let others go without punishment next time. General want me to keep his household in order, I cannot disappoint him. I hope you understand, Sister Ling.” “Any punishment Madam decides is what I deserve.” “Good, I would ask sister Yun to help me enforce the household rule today. This is your first time, only twenty strokes. Next time I will not let you off this easy.” Then she stood up and left the room. Two servant girls came in with a bench and set it right in front of me. “You don’t need me to tell you what to do, do you?” Sister Yun is one of the most difficult to deal with sisters in this household. She is the first to marry into the family after Madam that makes her the highest ranking concubine. She is from a very rich business family. She always thinks highly of herself. But I have to admit she is a woman with character. Everything Madam asks her to do, she does it very well. That’s why Madam rarely punish concubines herself, she usually ask Sister Yun to do it for her. But I know sister Yun doesn’t really like me. According with the fourth concubine, sister Yun thinks ever since I married into the family, general spends one night less per week with her. I pull down my pants and panty, bent over on that spanking bench, and lift up my skirt. My bare perfectly round pear shaped and white ass is now completely exposed to everyone in the room. General is a soldier, he is definitely not gentle in bed; there is evidence of love making from half an hour ago all over my body including my butt. Sperm is still coming out from my body. My entire body turned red. I am sure everyone now knows why I was late now. I can feel the jealousy from everyone, especially sister Yun. She is outraged. “You slutty lowly being. How dare you!” She swings the wooden stick hardest as she can four or five strokes non-stop. My butt instantly feel like they are on fire, “Awh, Oh, Owch, Oh, Ahhhh…” “You shameless slut. Seduced general so early in the morning! Crack, Crack, Crack.” “Oh, Oh, please, Oh, Oah…” “I let you being so shameless. Crack, Crack, Crack.” “AH, oh, owh…” “I let you being late. Crack, Crack, Crack.” “I let you not follow the household rules. Crack, Crack, Crack.” “Not able to bear the pain, I start to slip off from the spanking bench. “Get back on the bench, Crack, Crack. NOW!” “Sister. Please, sister.” I pleaded. “Pia. Pia” She slapped me twice in the face. My cheeks are instantly swollen. “How dare you, you shameless slut to call me sister. Twenty strokes, Madam were too kind. I will teach you how to be a concubine in this household, how to follow the rules in this household today. Strip off all of your cloth.” “Sister Yun, please, I would not dare ever again.” “Fine, you would not do it, I will help you then. You and You.” She pointed at two servant girls, “Strip her off head to toe and pin her down at that spanking bench.” Scare of Sister Yun’s power in the household, two of them quickly followed her instruction and start stripping me. When they see my two round perfect size and shape breasts with light pink nipples, Sister Yun’s eyes are now on fire. General’s finger marks are still on my breasts, making them looking more sinful. Everyone in the room was a little astonished by my naked body. The two servant girls were just staring at me. I had my arms around my shoulders try to cover up some of my skin. “What are you waiting? Bent over!” Sister Yun start swinging the wooden stick at my ass again. She has totally lost control of herself now. “Ass up. Up, Crack, Crack. You heard me. More up. Crack, Crack. Waist down. Crack, Crack.” “I am sorry. Oh, Aweh, please, please stop, I would never be late again. Oh, please forgive me, awh, awh……” “Spread your legs. Crack, Crack, Crack…… You shameless slut. Crack, Crack, Crack, I will teach you a lesson today. Crack, Crack, Crack. I let you being so shameless, Crack, Crack, Crack, I let you be a slut, Crack Crack Crack, Spread your legs more! Crack Crack Crack. You two,” she is talking to the servant girls again, “spread her butt crack apart.” I am shocked from what I heard. Even back in the institute, this is unheard of. Two servant girls each hold one side of my burning bright red butt cheek and pull it apart. My asshole and pussy are total exposed. Sister Yun took a duster and start using the bamboo stick end of the duster to whip between my butt cheeks. “AHHH, AHHH, AHHHHHH.” It’s a pain I never experienced, I started screaming out loud for the first time. “Sister, please stop. I think sister Ling have learned her lesson.” The third concubine stopped sister Yun after three strokes. “Sister Yun, general would not be happy any sister gets punished like this. Not like this by anyone else other than by general himself.” The duster dropped from Sister Yun’s hand to the floor. She just stood there. Almost like she just got awaken from a dream. Her face is as pale as a sheet of paper.

By the time general came back home it was already very late. I totally didn’t expect him to come to my room as he is very busy recently, but he did. My face is still slightly swollen from this morning. Sister Yun’s finger print is still slightly visible. General definitely saw that from the moment he walked in, but he didn’t say anything. Of course, a concubine got punished in this household is not a big deal. He would never interfere Madam punishes a concubine or a more senior concubine punishes a junior concubine as long as it is not overboard. But what Sister Yun did today is definitely overbroad. I just cannot bring this up to general myself. Knowing general, he would not like to see his concubines causing “trouble”. And given the condition of his mood recently, I would not want to upset him. Who knows how it is going to turn out. So, quietly I served him as he eats dinner like I would do any other day. Maybe even a little more attentive than normal. But my movement is definitely slower as I can hardly keep my legs together. “Madam slapped you?” General finished his dinner and pull me over to sit on his lap and questioned me. “No, general.” “hum?” He raised his eyebrow “Oh, I see. For being late?” “Ling upset Sister Yun.” I don’t want to answer his questions directly as it would make me look bad. General didn’t want to push the answer either. After all, it was only a senior concubine punishes a junior concubine. “Were you late this morning.” “M.” I nodded, “very late. I barely made in time to mother place.” I made a funny face and stick my tongue out. “You little devil. Did you missed me.” “M” I nodded and kissed him in the cheek. “That’s why I went to look for general this morning.” I blinked couple times. “Did Madam punish you?” I nodded, “Twenty strokes.” “Madam was easy on you.” “Madam is very kind.” “You little devil, I can’t even keep you out of my mind today. That’s why I came, if I don’t come tonight, who knows what would you do next.” General teased me and started kissing me on the neck. His hands start to get busy as well. Very quickly, he undressed me completed and lay me down on the bed. I can feel the burning sensation from my sore butt. His hands are all over my body. I started moaning. “Ah!” Suddenly I screamed and body moved away as his hand is right in between my legs touching the source of all pleasure. Quickly General flipped me over and made me kneel on the bed, waist down, ass stick up to the ceiling, legs spread apart, and my bare pussy and ass exposed for him to exam. “Madam did this to you?” His voice is very deep. “No general. It was not Madam.” Scared I started weeping lightly. “Who did it then?” “General, please…” “Answer me!” He gave me a swat on my backside with his hand. “Sister Yun, general. Sister Yun.” Right away, I gave in and answered him. “But it was totally my fault. General, please, general.” “Tell me the story, beginning to end.” He ordered. “Please general. It was my faulty.” General gave me another couple more swats on my backside this hand. They were not too hard, but enough to make my already sore ass burning again. “General. Sister Yun would hate me for this. Please general.” I pleaded again. It was the truth. I do not want Sister Yun to hate me. It would not benefit me at all. “Fine, then. If you do not talk, someone would talk.” He walked out of the room and ordered me as he walks out. “You stay here.” Don’t know what’s going to happen, I was really scared. The position in I am in is so embarrassing. What if the servant girls walk in and see me? But I am not sure if I suppose to move or not. General asked me to stay here. Didn’t dare to move, I stayed in this spanking position until General came back in twenty minutes later. General didn’t come back alone. Together he came with Sister Yun. He is half grabbing, half pushing her into the room. The proud sister Yun is not so proud right now. She is in her pajamas and shivering like a leaf. “Ling get off the bed.” General ordered me. As quickly as possible I came off the bed. But did not dare to stand there, I kneeled right next to the bed. “General, please. It was all my fault. Please, general.” I am pleaded but he is completely ignoring me. “She is a slutty whore. Then who am I? What are you?! What are you waiting for? Take off all your cloth.” “General, please. Forgive me, please.” Sister Yun pleaded but her hand did not slow down. She knows general well enough not to resist his orders. Very quickly she is naked. General sat down on the bed and pull her over his knees. “Crack, Crack, Crack, She is shameless. Am I shameless too? Crack, crack, Crack.” “No, general. I was wrong. I am sorry general.” “She is a slut. Crack, Crack, Crack. What are you? Crack, Crack. Teach her a lesson? Crack, Crack, Huh? I think I need to teach YOU a lesson!” Each swat leaves a red finger print on Sister Yun’s white ass. Very quickly, they are swollen like mine this morning. General stood up, Sister Yun is kneeling in front him. Completely naked and holding general’s leg and pleading him. “ General, I have learned my lesson. Please, general.” “On the bed now.” “General, please. I have learned already.” But she got on the bed and kneeling. “Ass up. Pia.” General is now using a soft belt. “More up! Pia, Pia” “Ah, Ah… Ahhhh” “Spread your legs. Pia, Pia, Pia, Stick your ass up. Pia, Pia, I want to see your pussy.” Embarrassed from what I heard and see, I kept my head low. “Tell me who are you? Pia, Pia, What are you?” “wuuuwuu… General’s concubine. Ah. Ah… Yun is general’s con…Ah… concubine. Your lowly concubine. Ah… Ah…” “Apparently you don’t think so. You think you are equivalent to Madam. Pia Pia Pia. Madam told you twenty strokes; you decided it should be more. Pia, Pia Pia, You can make decisions now. Pia Pia Pia. You can make decisions for Madam. Pia Pia. And for me too! PIA, PIA” “You want to decide who I sleep and when I sleep someone too? Pia, Pia, Pia” I think someone must have told general everything have happened. “I decide when and whom to ****, you understand?” “Ah… Ah… General. I am sorry. Ah…Yun forgot her position today. AH… It would never happen again. Ah… I promise. Promise!” “Don’t you ever let me see you step out of your line again! Pia, Pia” “Ah, AhNo, general. Ah, Ah.” “Don’t ever let me see you do what you did to your sister Ling today. Understand? Pia, Pia, Pia” “Awh, Ah, Oh…Yes, general.” “Did you forget what I told you? Never ever be jealous of your sisters! Pia, Pia, Pia, Pia” “ Oh, Ah, Ah… Ah…I would never again.” “Is she a slut?” “No, general, no sister ling is not.” “Who is then? Pia, Pia.” “Me, I am. I am a slut.” “Tell me what are you? Pia.” General now slows down the spanking. “A slut, general. General’s slut.” “Who are you? PiA” “A Concubine general. Your concubine, your lowly concubine. ” “What are concubines for? Pia.” “For… for baring children, general Children for general and madam.” “And? Pia” “Ah, for service general and Madam.” “And? Pia” “For… for…. AH… for general’s pleasure.” “What kind of pleasure? Pia” “Pleasure… pleasure in bed. Ah, Ah, ****ing pleasure. I am for general’s ****ing pleasure.” “Good! You know it. I almost thought you forgot.” General glanced at me. At this point, I kind of sensed what general plan to do tonight. I can sense the change in his body. I moved closed to him. I do not want to serve him in front of another woman. But tonight, I do not think I have a choice. I think this is what he intend to do. I do not think neither Sister Yun nor I have the guts and position to reject him. Kneeling in front of general, I use my mouth to please him as he continues spanking Sister Yun. When the spanking finally stopped, general puts us side by side and take us in turns.

General first entered sister Yun from behind. He moves very hard and fast. He uses one hand to pull sister Yun’s hair back to keep her head up and the other hand continue spanking sister Yun. But of course, I can hardly call that a spanking now. I was by the bedside and didn’t know what to do. General signaled me to get on the bed and so I did. He pulled me closer and start kissing me and touching my breast. I started moaning and wanting more. I want general’s attention. I start kissing him back. “Easy baby, easy.” General reacted to my aggressiveness. He set me down on the bed on my back and got on top of me. “My little devil, are you sure you can take me? It’s going to hurt you.” “Yes, oh…general, I am sure… oh… please. General… I want you. Ling wants you. Please general.” I know it is going to hurt. But I prefer the pain over watching general inside another woman. I am jealous! Sister Yun seems shocked by how shameless I am. But I can care less. I am sorry, we are sharing one husband. And I know I want him. “You are soaking wet, my little devil.” General teased me. “OH……” it’s a sensation I never felt before. It’s a combination of pain and pleasure. I am not sure if I like it yet, but I know I do not hate it. “Let me know if it is too much. I can stop.” “Please don’t stop general. I want you.” I hold him closer to me with my legs. “Oh… my…my… my… Oh… general.” Sister Yun on the other hand, don’t know if is too shocked to move, or too proud to move, or maybe just too scared to move is still on her knees and in that spanking position with her legs spread apart. After that night, things have changed a little bit between me and general. If I was still holding back before that night, I am holding back nothing after that. I know one thing is true from what I learned back in that institute, no matter how serious the man is, and what kind of man he is, who he is, what kind of woman he likes, they all want the same thing in bed. I know I want him. I love him. I know I have his attention. I know he is interested in me. I know he likes me. I know he wants me in bed. But I want more than that. I want him to love me. I want to be his one and only.

One thing advantages me over the other concubines is I read. This advantage gains me access to general’s study more frequent than anyone else. It almost became a routine that general summons me to the study to help him with finding books and articles most of times he is there. Of course, I do much more than just finding books and articles for him. I prepare him tea when he is thirsty, serve him snacks when he is hungry, massage him when he is tired, and … relax him when he uh… needs a little relaxation. I also read much more now than ever. I use every opportunity I got to read. I read every book general reads. Only this way, I can make myself useful to him outside of bedroom. I spend entire afternoon in General’s study alone today as General had ordered me this morning to find all articles relating to a subject he is working on recently. I always enjoy the moments I spend in his study by myself. This room is full of him! His collection of books, his swords, his metals, his painting, his writing, and his scent…. It is a little warm today as the summer has arrived little bit earlier this year. I had the windows open. Through the window, I saw general raging into the study through the hallway. I have never seen him this angry before. Even when he is punishing us, he is never angry. He is simply enforcing the rule. But today, he is angry, very very angry. My entire body became stiff, I hope it was not something I did. “Go get Wei!” General orders a servant right outside of the study as he enters the room. Wei is general’s half brother, younger half brother. His mother is also a concubine. He is very scared of the general. Actually I think he avoids seeing general at all cause. Our compound is right next to his. To be more exact, our compound is on the closest path to get to parents’ compound from his, but I have never seen him crossing our compound. Not even once. Wei has a very pretty face. I think every woman would have to agree with me. In a way, I think he looks even better than general. He looks more like his mother than father. His facial tone is not as hard as general’s. But I do not like him very much. He is a playboy. I have heard so many rumors about how he is in the bedroom with his concubines. Even the servant girls, with force or without force, he slept with every single servant girl in his compound. He disgusts me. General would never touch the servant girls in our compound. Never mention use force. But every time I see him with the general, I can never imagine him being so violent with his women. He always seems so harmless when he is with the general. I am not sure if I would leave the study or not. But since general never order me to, I resumed with my duty as usual. I first hand general a cup of tea with perfect temperature. General finished it in a second as he is also trying to cool himself down. I then hand him a warm towel to clean his hands. Very quickly Wei came into the room with his head down. General’s eyes turned red as he sees Wei. “Come over here.” He ordered Wei. His voice is still calm but so deep. I can tell he is very angry. I am sure Wei knows that too. Reluctantly, he walks towards to the general. “Pia, Pia” General slapped him once on each side of his face. He used so much force; Wei fell on the ground right after. But every quickly he got up and kneeled in front of the general. “Brother, I…” “You! Tell me what you have done!” “Wei does not know.” General kicked him on the shoulder. Wei’s whole body curled up from the pain. I have never seen general got angry like this before. Do not know what to do, I kept my head down. “I give you one more opportunity. Talk!” “Brother, I… I … Please brother…. Wei truly does not know.” Wei’s voice is shaky, his face turned completely pale. “Good. Very good. Let me remind you then. Ms. Chai, Does that ring a bell? I do not care what you are doing in your household. It’s your matter. I would not interfere. All that women in your compound, it’s still not enough?! Why do you have your reach your hands out? Why do you?” “She… she… seduced…. seduced me.” Try to avoid the responsibility, Wei answered. “HA! She seduced you! In her house, in her room, a 17 year old virgin seduced you?! You seriously have no shame, do you?” General turned around and grabbed the wooden stick he uses to discipline his soldiers sometimes. This stick is not like the one he uses to spank us. It’s made of much heavier wood, much thicker too. General grabbed Wei by arm and start beating him with the stick. The stick came down very quick and heavy and everywhere, on his back, his butt, his legs, his arms, etc… Wei’s sweat quickly soaked through his cloth along with his blood. No longer be able to put up with the pain, he tried to hide from general’s stick. “Don’t make me tie you up.” General paused for a second and point the stick right at Wei. “Brother, forgive Wei for once. Please.” “How many women you have already? It’s still not enough? You have to lay your hands on BANNED officer’s daughter? She is only 17! A virgin! Smack, Smack.” “Aoh. AOh… Please forgive me.” “You have no shame. But I do! You have shamed the entire family! I do not have a brother like you! Smack, Smack. Smack, Smack” Wei is not longer able just kneel there; he had to use his arm to support his body. But that didn’t last very long either. General finally stopped beating him before Wei lost his conscious. Then general ordered Wei to go to the ancestor room and kneel. I saw Wei slowly moved out of the room. I am not sure how he is going to go all the way to the ancestor’s room with all the injury. But that’s not for me to worry. What I have to worry about is I am in the same room with a still very angry husband.

I tried to be as quiet as possible. I hope he can forget my existence or simply excuse me from the study. However, neither of these happened. The general glanced at me and sat down by the window. “Where is the book I asked you to find this morning?” He asked. I quickly reached out to the book and handed him with both hands. I tried to kept my head as low as possible. “Did I scare you?” I quietly shook my head as I passed him with a cup of tea and reached out for a fan started fanning. Hopefully the tea and fan would calm him down. I am thinking, “I am not scared, but I do want to get out.”

I sensed the general is less upset, I started massaging him. He pulled me to his lap and just hold me tight. I hide my face under his neck. At this moment, my heart started aching. I can tell he is in so much pain and stress. I wish I can do something. But I know at this moment what he needed is quietness.