⛏Aunt Elle's Lap || 13字

from: Brett

When I was a little boy of six, my best friend was the girl next door. (Yes, I know that sounds cliched, but it’s true.) Our families were very close and I even called my friend’s mother Aunt Elle.

One day I went and knocked on Jodi’s door and she opened it just enough to show her face, hiding the rest of her body behind the door. "Can you come out and play?" I asked. "I don’t know," she said, and she looked behind her and called out: "Can I go out and play now, mommy?" "No!" her mom called back, "You haven’t waited long enough!"

I knew then that that she was in trouble, and that the reason she was hiding behind the door was because she didn’t know who came calling. "But Brett’s here!" she called back, as if that explained everything. "He can come in!" Aunt Elle said.

Jodi’s face lit up. She knew that her punishment was winding down with this permission to let me in, so she opened up the door and stepped out from behind it. She was dressed only in her panties, as I knew she would be. I was familiar with the punishment ritual at Jodi’s. Her mother would take her dress off, pulling it up over her head, then Aunt Elle would put Jodi over her knee, and spank her five or six times on the bottom, sometimes with the panties on, sometimes with her panties pulled down.

Then she would have to stand in the corner until Aunt Elle decided she could then leave the corner but not be allowed outside. By this time, Jodi would usually get used to being dressed only in her panties and not bother putting her dress back on. (It was the 60s, and I think ours was the last generation in which little girls always wore dresses.)

Up until this day I had only seen Jodi spanked with her panties still on, but I knew that she got bare bottomed spankings as well. Jodi and I - as I am sure all best friends did when they were kids - related to each other in detail the punishment practices in our respective homes.

Jodi knew that I received bare bottomed spankings at my home, and Aunt Elle knew it too. After all, her parents and my parents were best of friends too. (It’s beginning to sound like the Flintstones, isn’t it?) The H____'s would come over for dinner and cards, and one night they talked openly of their spanking philosophies, and us kids would be playing on the floor listing to them relate to each other in detail how the boys would get their pants pulled down, or the girls would have their panties pulled down, and how loud we’d cry, or how we’d try to escape, and all sorts of humiliating details.

But one thing that really got my attention was when our sets of parents exchanged permission to spank the other’s children. This piqued my interest because when my mother would spank me, she would pull my pants down just enough in the back to bare my bottom. Mostly she’d use just her hand. But once the spanking was over, I never had to stand in the corner, and my mother always pulled my pants back up immediately afterwards.

So when I heard that Aunt Elle could spank me, I wondered would it would be like, to be dressed only in my underpants, to have my underpants taken all the way down. To have to stand in the corner, maybe stand there with my underpants down. I thought about it a lot. At first it was scary, but then, after thinking about it more, for some reason I still can’t explain, I wanted Aunt Elle to spank me.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to have my pants taken off, my underpants pulled down, to have to stand in the corner, then - and this was real exciting - spend the rest of the day playing dressed only in my underwear.

Now you might think that this is all just nonsense. No six-year-old boy thinks that way. But it’s true.

So here I was, standing in Aunt Elle’s living room, and even a little boy has intuition. The air was still electric with the feeling of punishment, Aunty Elle was obviously in the mood for spanking. I wasn’t going to have a better opportunity.

To this day I’m amazed at how crafty and manipulative my young mind was working. I tried to think of how I could get Aunt Elle to spank me, I knew that at home, saying a dirty word was an automatic spanking, but I couldn’t just yell out a dirty word for no reason, it had to be in some kind of context.

Jodi’s recent spanking was perfect. I could bring up the subject of spanking, put it back fresh in Aunt Elle’s mind and have a reason to cuss at the same time. Of course, at six, I wasn’t reasoning this logically, this just seemed right.

So I said to Aunt Elle: "You had to give Jodi a spanking, didn’t you Aunt Elle?" "Yes, dear," she said, "I had to give Jodi a spanking." "Did you spank her hard?" I asked. "She was very naughty." Aunt Elle replied. "Did you spank her so hard she shit herself?" I cried out gleefully. "BRETT!" she grabbed me by the arm. "I think you’ll find out just how hard she got spanked young man! You know your mother told me I can spank you whenever I want, don’t you?"

I was so excited I could hardly talk. She squeezed my arm a little tighter. "Well? Don’t you?" "Yes, Aunt Elle." "Do you think I won’t bare your little bottom right here and spank you in front of Jodi?" This was going so well I could hardly believe it. "Well, speak up! Answer me!" "I - I don’t know." "Well I do!"

She dropped down to her knees and with both hands, tugged at the waistband of my pants. She unsnapped the snap and was so riled up she could only fumble with the zipper. She tugged at it some more and decided it wasn’t going to give. She stopped and sat back, letting out a heavy sigh. For a moment, one terrible moment, I thought she was going to give up.

Then she said, "Lie down! Lie down on your back!" I did as she said, confused, because this was not how I imagined it. This was throwing off her routine as well, and it was making her a little flustered. Grabbing first my left foot, she pulled off my shoe.

Then went the right shoe. Then she grabbed the cuffs of my pants and began pulling them off.

Unfortunately, my underpants began to go with them. This was not a part of the plan. How was I suppose to stand in the corner in my underpants if they came completely off? Instinctively I grabbed the waistband of my pants and tried to hold them on.

"No! No!" I started to scream.

Of course, Aunt Elle thought I was screaming that I didn’t want a spanking. "Let go! You are getting a spanking, you little potty mouth!" "No!" I whined. "Let go right now!" and she tugged on my pants more.

Finally, my brain cut through my panic, and I was clear enough to let go of the waistband of my pants, and grab on to the waist band of my underpants. Aunt Elle yanked my pants right off. Then she stood me up, and, in hindsight, I guess she was in such a habit of taking Jodi’s dress off by pulling it up over her head, and she was in the "zone" of the process, that she grabbed the hem of my pullover shirt and yanked it off up over my head. So I was standing there, dressed only in my underpants.

Then she grabbed me by the arm and led me over to the spanking chair. She sat in it and swung me around in front of her, taking me by both shoulders so she could look me in the eyes. She started saying something to me, but I looked over at Jodi. She had taken up a position off to the right of her mother, there in her panties, looking back at me, with her hand up to her mouth, tugging at her lower lip.

The strangest thoughts went through my mind. Her panties were purplish, and had little flowers on them. My underpants were all white, except for the thin red and blue stripes at the wide waistband. Her panties were smooth all over. My underpants had those big vent seams in the front.

I knew that girls and boys were different, heck, I saw my sister and Jodi naked many times before. And I had seen girls’ panties many times-- girls wore short dresses then. But it was crazy, here I was about to get the spanking I had set up, and all I was thinking about was the difference between boy’s and girl’s underwear.

"Are you listening to me?" Aunt Elle shouted, pulling me out of my thoughts. "Well you’re going to listen now!" She reached down, put her thumbs under the waistband of my underpants, and pulled them down to my knees.

I stood there totally exposed, I looked down at my little penis, thinking about how Aunt Elle could see it. Jodi could see it. Sure, they had seen it before, I had taken off my clothes in front of them for baths while being babysat by Aunt Elle and I had never felt any shame about it.

But this was different. I was being spanked, I was being forced to have my pants pulled down. It was so different. I looked up at Jodi. She gazed at what had been so forcibly revealed. She felt the difference, this was a new perspective for her too. She stared transfixed.

Then Aunt Elle swung me around to her right and bent me over her knees. I felt my naked penis push into her skirt as she pressed down on my back. She placed her right hand on my bare bottom. "Your mother wouldn’t approve of you using such language," she said, "I’m sure you 'd be in this same position if she were here now." Oh no I wouldn’t. This was better.

She brought her hand up, and then slapped it down hard. Smack! "OW!!" Smack! "OOOWWWW!!" It REALLY stung! I could hear myself screaming. I could hear the smacks coming faster and faster, my bottom stinging and getting hotter. By the fifth smack I was crying. This hurt far more than I imagined it would. I thought I would get only a couple of slaps, like Jodi gets. But this went on and on. I could no longer see through my tears.

The spanking went on, and the tears rolled down my face. I was kicking and squirming. She spanked me some more. I tightened up my bottom, squeezing the cheeks together, making my bottom hard. She stopped spanking me. I relaxed, let my bottom go soft. She brought her hand down again. Smack! My bottom seared. I squeezed up again, arching my back, the natural result of the action was that I pushed harder into her lap.

I relaxed again, my bottom softened, so as the upper part of my body sagged forward, my bottom raised up again. Aunt Elle brought her hand down again, forcing my bottom to tighten and thrust down again. She did this a few more times. Softening the slaps each time until her hand just rested on my burning bottom, she started rubbing her hand in circles, soothing the pain away.

"You understand the rules at your house are the rules here too, right?" she said as she continued to stroke my bottom. "Yes, Aunt Elle." "You understand that if you do something that deserves a spanking from your mommy, it deserves a spanking from me too? It’s the same?" "Yes, Aunt Elle." I said, even though it wasn’t the same. The spankings here are much better.

"All right," she said as she stood me up, "You go stand in that corner and think about whether or not you use dirty words." I walked over to the corner, brushing passed Jodi, whose eyes were wide and shiny. I started pulling my underpants back up.

"I didn’t tell you to pull your underpants up!" Aunt Elle scolded. "When I think you’ve thought enough, I’ll pull your underpants back up when I let you out of that corner!"

I stood there. My pants down, my shirt off. So naked, so exposed. My bottom tingling, my whole body tingling. I could feel Jodi’s eyes on me. Then I could hear her voice, rising, excited, "Look how red his BUTT is!" she squealed. "Jodi!" Aunt Elle called out! "That’s it! Do I have to spank you children all day?" Jodi was horrified.

"No, Mamma! BOTTOM! I meant to say BOTTOM!" "You know what words I don’t allow in this house!" "Mamma! Butt isn’t a bad word! It’s not! It’s not!" "I told you before, I don’t like that word and I want you to say, "bottom" instead!"

I couldn’t help but turn around and watch. Aunt Elle dragged Jodi over to the spanking chair, pulled down her panties, and threw her over her lap. It was the first ( but not the last) time I saw Jodi get a bare bottom spanking.

Jodi’s back and legs were tan from the summer sun. Her tan lines were as sharp as if they had been drawn on. I remember how obvious it was where her panties covered her bottom because it was so white, except at the highest part of her round cheeks that were still rosy pink from the spanking she had before I came over.

Aunt Elle slapped her bottom several times in rapid succession. Jodi kicked and squirmed and cried. And then Aunt Elle put her back up to her feet. "Now go stand next to Brett in the corner!"

She didn’t get any slowly paced out slaps like I did, the ones that made my bottom tighten and soften, causing me to push myself into Aunt Elle’s lap over and over again. She also didn’t get any soothing caresses like I did. Instead she was sent over into the corner.

As she walked towards me, tears trickling down her face, I looked down her body. A bit bellow her belly button, her tan stopped, below that, her vulva stood out a white triangle of smooth skin against the deep tan thighs. Below that, her panties bunched up at her lower thighs, just above the knees.

"Brett!" Aunt Elle barked, "Turn around and face the corner!" Jodi and I stood there, side by side, but angled in so that both our noses were pointed directly at the corner, our underwear down around our thighs."My, my, my. Look what I have here - two little potty mouths with little red bottoms!" Then she left to do some housework.

After a while Aunt Elle came back and pulled Jodi’s panties back up, then she pulled my underpants back up. "All right, you two can go play now." We broke into smiles and cheers of "Yay!" and scampered off. I spent the rest of the day, until it was time to go home, playing in my underpants.

I relive that day over and over in my mind, along with some others, because if you don’t think I never got more spankings from Aunt Elle, or watched Jodi get more spankings, then you’ve underestimated my ability to arrange lap time with Aunty Elle! I was still getting her to pull my pants down and spank my bare bottom up until I was 11!